Most babies cry for an average of two hours a day in the first three months. So while it may be disconcerting, it’s also normal. To comfort your baby, first try to determine the cause of his discomfort. Is he hungry? Does he have wind? Does his nappy need changing? Is it time for a nap? Is he over-stimulated by noise, lights or activity?

If the source of his discomfort is hunger, wind, or a wet nappy, the solutions are obvious. To help soothe a sleepy or over-stimulated baby, hold him on your shoulder while gently rocking him. Sing or speak softly to him – reassure him with a calm voice. It can also help to rub his back as you do so. Try different positions to find one that’s comfortable for both of you.

Something else to consider: your baby doesn’t have much mobility in the first few weeks and may cry for help if he is lying uncomfortably in the crib. You can help him by gently shifting his position, but always place him on his back for sleep, for safety.

If your baby persistently cries or you are worried in any way consult your GP or Health Visitor.