Nappy change

Many first-time parents are surprised by how many nappies they go through in a day. To make life easier for yourself, have plenty of nappies on hand before you bring your baby home.
Be sure to wash your hands before changing your baby’s nappy. It is important that you never leave your baby alone on the changing table or surface, so make sure that you have the following items standing by before you begin:
  • A clean nappy
  • Baby wipes (or if you prefer, cotton wool & water)
  • A plastic bag to dispose of soiled nappies
  • Nappy cream
  • A change of clothes for baby (just in case)
Instructions for changing a nappy:
  1. Lay your baby on a flat, soft and secure surface. If you choose to use a changing table (handy in case of accidents!) keep a hand on your baby at all times. Don’t leave him – even for a moment.
  2. Remove the nappy by lifting the adhesive tabs. Fold the tabs back on themselves so they don’t stick to anything (including the baby!).
  3. With a baby wipe, clean the nappy area by wiping from front to back–for boys and girls. Fold the dirty nappy onto itself and move to the side. Place a clean nappy under your baby.£
  4. Apply a thin layer of nappy cream to create a barrier against wetness and irritants, to help protect from nappy rash.
  5. Secure the clean nappy by fastening the adhesive strips from the back of the nappy to the front panel. It should be snug, but not tight.
  6. Finally, dispose of the dirty nappy and wash your hands again. Done!