Top & Tailing

Until your newborn’s cord heals and falls off (usually in a week or two) you may prefer (or find it easier) to clean your baby with a sponge or cloth.
  1. Lay your baby on a soft towel, or use a changing mat. Support your baby’s head and limbs throughout.
  2. Clean around each eye – from the inside corner outward – with a separate cotton ball dipped in warm water.
  3. Keep your baby covered with a towel to stay warm: uncover only the area you are washing. Using a warm, wet washcloth and mild baby cleanser (such as JOHNSON’S® Baby Top-To-Toe® Bath) wash arms, legs, tummy and nappy area, in that order. Always clean the nappy area from front to back. Clean the umbilical stump, separately, with a cotton ball dipped in clean water.
  4. If your newborn has hair, clean it with baby wash and rinse with water.
  5. Next, dry your baby in the same order you washed him from head to toe. Dry thoroughly, without rubbing too hard. Then wrap him in a dry, hooded towel.


For more information, see our how to bath baby video & step-by-step guide