Opinion has been divided

Healthcare professionals

Until now, there has been a lack of robust evidence on the gentleness of cleansers versus water alone in newborn cleansing. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have often had to rely on experience and tradition when deciding what advice to give new mothers.

Some HCPs believe that the evidence supports water alone as the gentlest cleansing method, while others doubt its effectiveness.1 The debate has continued for several years, with no progress.

We supported the University of Manchester in conducting the two largest randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to date involving skin cleansing products and newborns. Independently led, the trials compared JOHNSON’S® Baby cleansers with water alone, to clear up confusion and provide robust evidence that can be trusted by both HCPs and mothers.


1. Lavender, T., Bedwell, C., Tsekiri-O’Brien, E., et al. A qualitative study exploring women’s and health professionals’ views of newborn bathing practices. Evidence Based Midwifery 2009;7(4):112–21.